About Heart2Heart

Dr. Stephanie Oarhe Heart2Heart foundation is a nongovernmental organisation with their official head quarters in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria.
In a bid to effect a positive change in the rapid degradation in families, marriages, relationships and the misconception of love especially in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, the Dr. Stephanie Oarhe Heart2Heart foundation was birthed.

The foundation began officially in 1996 with a Talk show hosted by Dr. Stephanie Oarhe and named after the foundation. At this time, it was not popular to find people or organisations addressing issues that pertain to relationships, love and marriage publicly.
The foundation has since then gained more grounds having broadened their horizon to cater for projects like:
1.  Train a child projects
2.  Annual relationship conferences for women, singles and teenagers
3.  A vibrant marriage counselling program for singles and married
4.  Quarterly Leadership and wealth empowerment Seminars
5.  HIV enlightenment programs for schools
In the future we intend to partner with organisations, government and well meaning bodies to build housing facilities that will serve as a rehabilitation centre for prostitutes, militants, victims of sexual abuse and abandonment.
We also plan on collaborating with media outfits (both local and international) to host television reality shows, home videos, talk shows and produce instructional aides for all age groups and people groups this organisation caters for.

What we do

1.Train A Child Project:
This is the brain child of Dr.Stephanie Oarhe. ‘It is better to train a child than to repair an adult’ a wise man once said. We discovered that the youthful restiveness, educational backwardness and poor family value systems prevalent in the Niger Delta, is a grass root issue and must be tackled from the root. It will require a total reorientation and redirection of the minds of the children. This initiative began with seminars in both primary and post primary schools and in 2009; the organisation adopted two post primary schools namely; Abuloma Community Secondary School and Elekahia Community Secondary School.  The adoption offers the schools the following;

Leadership Training – Leadership development trainings for school prefects and class prefects of primary and post primary schools in the region. We treat the following topics;
Successful leadership
Authority Orientation
Self discovery
Goal setting
The topics are framed to address career choices and the requirements for these career choices, citizenship - how to shun vices like examination malpractice & cultism, developing study habits, Self discovery and family values. We employ the use of visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, video shows and live drama.

Aides – We give educational aide like Notebooks, mathematical sets, Bibles and writing materials to the schools we have adopted and those we have not yet adopted. The plan is so extend this service to as many quarters as possible. With the right partnerships with funding bodies, we will achieve this. In the plan also is scholarship programmes for deserving students.
Counselling – with our team of seasoned volunteers, we give counselling to students in post primary and tertiary institutions as well as adults. The beneficiaries include
Those with career choice problems
Those with abuse problems like sexual abuse, rape etc
Those that have sexual addictions and habits
Those that are into vices like lesbianism, homosexuality, drugs and cultism.
Those with esteem problems
Those with emotional issues like depression, frustration, insecurity and traumas.
Issues of teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and youthful delinquencies.  
Skill Acquisition - We also collaborate with vocational bodies and organisation to organise free skill acquisition programmes for those who have the aptitude. Our focus is in computer appreciation.

2. Conferences and seminars – We host three conferences annually namely
True Love Relationship Conference – This holds during valentine season every year. With the first edition in February 13th and 14th 2005, the conference has become a household name in the city of Port Harcourt. In this conference, relationship, marriage, family and love matters are treated. It is also an avenue for the organisation to give back to the society. Many families have benefited from this program with gifts like electronics, utensils and even cars. This program also hosts both international and national marriage counsellors. The plan is to host True Love Relationship Conference in all the six geopolitical regions of the country annually.
Teen Alive conference - This is a teenage version of the above named conference. It also holds annually during the valentine period.
Top Ladies Conference – A conference organised primarily for women to help them locate their passion and motivate them towards achieving their purpose. It is a women empowerment program.
Campus seminar - a quarterly relationship seminar for tertiary institutions all over the Niger Delta region. The aim is to assist youths live a purposeful life and guiding them in their relationship decisions and careers.

3. Awareness campaign – With medical volunteers, and collaboration with medical free medical outfits, we organise HIV awareness campaigns in secondary schools. Inclusive is a prenatal and postnatal awareness session for intending and established mothers. We also give free medical checkups.

4. Media – Heart2Heart with Dr. Stephanie foundation has a media arm that caters for the production of the following;

Heart2Heart talk show – This is a talk show recorded before a live audience and anchored by Dr. Stephanie Oarhe. It a medium to address relationship, marriage and love issues amongst the singles and the married. Heart2Heart is packaged and aired weekly on three local stations and a satellite station namely; Rivers state Television, Silverbird Television, Bayelsa State Television, and African Broadcasting network respectively. The program is viewed by over 15million viewers weekly.

Website – Her website address is www.heart2heartonline.org. The website is an online extension of the Heart2Heart with Dr. Stephanie foundation. It is furnished with articles for every age, addresses very many grass root issues and has a forum where people can read the comments of others concerning issues of interest and as well post their comments. 

Publications- Heart2Heart has published 5 books namely;
*Celebrating your wholeness
*Just for two
*Building a strong family
*What to do in courtship
*Heart2Heart magazines (Volumes 1,2 &3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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